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COWAROBOT R1 is your trusty travel companion that is always by your side. It can transition easily from hardwood floors to carpets, and handle uneven roads. It moves at 4.5mph and can handle slopes up to 15°.

If you ever want to pull the luggage yourself instead of having it follow you, just touch the handle.

Charge On The Go:
The R1 uses a portable power bank as its power source. You can easily charge your devices directly from the power bank, or with the integrated USB ports on the suitcase when the power bank is inserted.

Secure Your Valuables:
COWAROBOT R1 is equipped with CO-SMART, our patented intelligent lock system, and a proximity alarm. With a keyless remote and LED lock indicator, your belongings are guaranteed to be safe.

It’s Bigger Than It Looks:
Boasting a large storage compartment with customized organizing accessories and an easy access front storage compartment, COWAROBOT R1 allows you to pack all of your belongings more efficiently than ever.

Breeze Through Checkpoints:
With a one-push open lid, your electronic devices and important documents are easily accessible. Never fumble through your stuff again.

Futuristic Technology Comes To Life:
COWAROBOT R1 is packed full of technology like the CO-MOVE System which is the brains of the R1. It is in charge of sensing the environment, planning reasonable paths, and obstacle avoidance, all while following its user.

The sensing ability of the CO-MOVE system is made possible by multi-sensor fusion technology, which is mainly based on a set of sonars, a depth sensor called CO-EYE, and Cliff Detect sensors that allow R1 to avoid stairs and other dangerous drop-offs.

A pair of active wheel units drives the R1, as it navigates the path according to the data received from CO-EYE. When the auto-following mode is disabled, the active wheels will retract, similar to an airplane landing gear.

CO-SMART intelligent Lock features an ergonomic design for comfort and syncs with a wrist tracker that acts like a keyless remote. The on-board LED lights on the lock tell you whether the suitcase is locked or open. The CO-SMART intelligent lock also integrates a TSA lock and a traditional combination lock; ensuring that the R1 is TSA approved, and can function even without power.

Designed to be opened effortlessly, by simply twisting the R1’s main compartment lock. Only you will be able to access all of your valuables, while keeping others out.

Built To Last:
With an all-aluminum frame and 100% German Bayer polycarbonate, COWAROBOT R1 is built with top notch construction quality, and with a modular design, the suitcase is more convenient and spacious. The Ultra-quiet wheels and miniaturized electronic components make the R1 more reliable and durable.


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